This Organisation believes that the ultimate responsibility for forest policy lies with the Sovereign governments and industries of forested countries, with the U.K. timber industries having direct obligation to it’s customers to base it’s commercial activities on properly managed forests.


The construction industry is undoubtedly the largest consumer of timber in the U.K. and sustainable sourcing is an issue that is of great importance to the industry and the environment.  As FSC and PEFC certificate holders we try to identify suppliers that are committed to purchasing timber from legal sources and that operate with strict environmental practices.  It is our policy therefore, to supply timber and related products obtained from Companies that are accredited FSC. and PEFC. suppliers and are able to confirm the chain of custody and verify the legality of source.


We continually support national and international efforts to achieve the fastest practicable progress towards environmentally and socially sound forest management worldwide, and wholeheartedly endorse the introduction of effective systems that work towards acceptable standards of forest management.


Certification No’s

 FSC  CU-COC-805654

 PEFC  CU-PEFC-805654